Tips in Remodeling a Bathroom

02/07/2016 | created by : RENOF
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Tips in Remodeling a Bathroom

There could be a time when a homeowner decides to remodel their bathroom due to the existing one does not suit their needs or they prefer an overall layout. Whichever the case, remodeling a bathroom needs proper time for planning and budgeting.

Before starting the work, proper preparation is essential to prevent any mistake which could lead to waste of time and resources. Below guide could assist you in saving time and resources.

1. Budget

Set a budget based on your needs. If budget is limited, consider which items that essential to change and which items can still be retained. Your budget also tells you the limit of new item’s prices in remodeling your bathroom.

2. Refurbish existing items

Money could be saved if you decide to refurbish some of your existing items such as bowl, faucet or sink; provided these items are still functional and presentable. Makeover could restore them into new condition and give a fresh look.

3. Acquire new items first

Procure all the new items first before you start remodeling process of your bathroom. This will ensure you save time. Make sure you have done extensive research on the newly acquire items around your neighborhood stores. Make sure that it is worth the price and that it fits your budget. You should also pay attention at the quality of the materials.

4. Plumbing

Another good way to save money is to retain your plumbing. Instead of redoing the pipes and fittings, use the existing plumbing that you have. You may also let the plumber check the pipes to make sure that everything is working well and no leakages.

5. Change the hardware

One easier and cheaper solution is to change the hardware as they are obvious. Change your faucet handles, drawers, and shower heads into something different than the ones you used before. This can give a huge impact to the look of your bathroom without the need of spending too much.

6. Plan for storage

If you think you lacked storage areas before, then add some more. Wall mounted cabinets is an ideal choice as they consume less space. When your bathroom stuffs are kept, you will have a well-organized bathroom and would make it look a lot better and neater.

7. Lighting

Lights are important even for a bathroom. An interior designer can get lights that would fit into your bathroom’s theme and style. Additionally, wall lights, recessed lights and others are good additions. This would make it appear more relaxing and comforting.

8. Ventilation

A proper bathroom comes with sufficient ventilation. Look for a renovation contractor to install a vent fan with appropriate air flow. Be sure to look for a vent that is quiet.

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