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Shopping for tiles can prove to be hard task. This is especially when you visit a tile showroom and become overwhelmed by the beautiful tiles and numerous choices. The most difficult part involved in tiling is choosing pattern, type, finish and color. Below are 8 tips to help you in choosing tiles.

Select the right colours.

You could choose to use lighter colors to make a dark/small room feel brighter and bigger. The interior design of a room could also appear intimate and smaller by using patterns and darker colors. It is also advisable to make use of warm colors for rooms facing towards the south, and cool ones for those facing towards the north. A home design with fluorescent lighting modifies the color tone to create a replica of daylight. 

Ask for advice whenever necessary.

One should not fear to ask sales assistants for any advice. This is because they have been trained to give ideas you had not thought about and answer any questions. This will prevent one from making any mistakes during tiling. 

Get the right advice on maintenance. 

When buying natural stone tiles like slate, marble, travertine, it is advisable that you get the correct advice on treating and sealing the tiles before and after tiling. 

Choose the proper size of tile. 

If you choose to refurbish your home with tiles, smaller ones will make a small room appear smaller. However, they could have an additional interest when used as a feature on the wall or as a decoration. On the contrary, large-sized tiles make your house appear larger and are easy to maintain. 

Use a licensed contractor.  

Most people will want to do the tiling on their own. However, if you do not follow the basics of tiling, this could become costly. It is therefore advisable for one to seek help from a professional tiler. 

Have fun.

It is recommended that one be adventurous and not afraid to play around with a variety of colors. This is because it would aide in creating unique environments and effects in your house. The key issue is one’s personal preference. 

Use of decors and borders.

The interior design of your home could comprise of decors and borders. They help break up the wall tiling hence creating additional interest. 

Plan beforehand.

It is recommended that one purchases an additional 5-10% of tiles more than needed. This helps in compensating for breakages and cuts hence ensuring one has a similar shade in case if additional tiles were required.

Renovation of your home is crucial hence the need to choose the right tiles.

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