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27/10/2015 | created by : Alex from Renof
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Living in hot climate like Malaysia and Singapore leaves us no choice but to spend quite an amount of electricity on air conditioning. Instead of spending few hundreds bucks monthly on your electricity bill, follow the steps below for a significant saving!


Understand the electricity tariff from your service provider helps you better understand how to save your precious money:


First 200 block    : RM 0.218 / kWh

201 to 300 block    : RM 0.334 / kWh

301 to 600 block    : RM 0.516 / kWh

601 to 900 block    : RM 0.546 / kWh

901 onwards        : RM 0.571 / kWh



Flat rate of SGP 0.2035 / kWh

As evidenced, the higher your consumption, the higher premium (applicable for Malaysia)


  1. Indoor and outdoor lighting


As Malaysia and Singapore exposed to sunlight throughout the year, why not use the sunlight at your advantage! During day time open your curtains and blinds and turn off the lights. This could lead to natural light flooding your house and save on electricity.


  1. Alliances and electronics


Unplugged all home appliances and electronics when not in use as they will continue to consume electricity while plugged in although the switches are turned off.


  1. Water heater


Heating element in your bathroom’s water heater consumes a lot of electricity, therefore the more water your use the more electricity being used. Also take note on the heating level, setting up the level high means more electricity!


  1. Air conditioning


Everyone loves air conditioner in hot climate like Malaysia and Singapore, don’t you? Use the air conditioner sparingly will save you huge amount of money. Instead of setting the temperature at 16 degree C, set it at 24 degree C for a significant drop in electricity consumption.


Use the timer on air conditioner to cool the room for a period of time; 2 hours during your bed time instead of leaving it turn on the whole night.


Turn on the air conditioner only when you are in the room, leaving it on the whole day will waste electricity.


  1. Tinting


Tint your window to reduce the amount of sunlight penetration into your house. Tint material selection plays an important role as well; choose the types that reflect UV light helps to protect you and your furniture from harmful UV light.


  1. Use energy saving appliances


Replace all your home appliances which are energy efficient approved especially those that consume large amount of electricity and produce heat; air conditioner, fridge, water heater, cooker and washing machine.


  1. Energy saving light bulb alternatives


LED produce the same amount of light and at the same time consume less electricity compared to conventional light bulb or energy saving light bulb. Change your house lighting to LED saves you money in long run.


  1. Other heating and cooling


If you happen to renovate your house, try introducing some passive electricity saving elements:


  1. Change window to double layer type to greatly reduce sunlight penetration at the same time it insulates sound well too!

  2. Install insulation material in the wall and roof keeps the house cool. One cheap yet efficient material is mineral wool; it’s not only acts as thermal insulation but also fire retardant and sound proof.


Article Written by: Alex from RENOF

The vision of RENOF is to build a centralized and social-based home renovation and interior design platform which can provide the ideas and concept sharing between all homeowners and home experts in Malaysia.

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