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Searching For Beautiful Home Design Ideas

13/10/2014 | created by : RENOF
Home Design, Interior Design


Our home is probably the most expensive investment we will ever make. Sometimes we are stretched beyond our financial limits to purchase the home we dream of owning. So we must settle for a house that is within our budget. This is not unusual for most of the everyday normal people who buy homes with the intention of, at some stage renovating, or redesigning the home. 

Apart from uprooting the family to move to a new premises in a different location, and quite possibly after a short space of time end up hating the location and wishing you were back in your old home and area, renovating your existing property is the best option.
This begs the question, how do we go about doing this? Who are the best people to talk to? Where can I see the design that I have in mind?
These are just a few of the pertinent questions you need to ask yourself before setting out looking for a company to take on your project.

Finding an interior designer, or builder who specializes in renovating properties is not hard to do, they are everywhere, on the internet, in building magazines, at building trade shows the list goes on. The big problem is finding the company or persons who understand exactly what you have in mind and can deliver it to you.
To begin with, it would be wise for you to buy magazines with modern designs and recently finished works. With each of these designs will be the name of the design company and a contact number, or email address. Then if you can, you should go to, Home renovation trade shows. There you can see the company representatives, most likely they will have a visual advert which you can look first hand at, and see what their work standards are like. You can also put whatever questions you may have to the company agent.
It is also a great idea to Google home designer sites that are local to your town. Once you have at least three companies picked out that you would like to talk to, then make the appointment for them to call to your home and go through all you have in mind for your project.

When it comes to, interior designing, renovation, or building work, there are many pitfalls one must look out for. So before you sign any contracts do the following. 
( 1) Ask for a list of recently completed work. Once you receive that, make it your business to call on a few of those clients and ask them were they happy with all aspects of the work carried out.

( 2) Was the person in charge of the contract easily accessible when needed?

( 3 ) Is there a guarantee with all materials and labor?

( 4 ) Is the company registered and insured?

If you are happy with the answers to all these questions, then go ahead and ask them to do up the best design plan most suitable to your needs.

Image Source from: aamodt / plumb architects 

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