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Lofty Tips To Design Your Bedroom With Limited Space

13/10/2014 | created by : RENOF
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Bedrooms with limited space need not be boring bedrooms. Streamline your bedroom design with cleverly conceived storage ideas, stick to simplistic two-tone color schemes, create a concept that incorporates minimal furniture and feature just the essential ones. And yes, a few expertly chosen accessories in slightly bold prints will add the much needed personality--think cushions, throws and so forth!

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If you are still thinking of how to design your tiny bedroom space, then you may like to incorporate these ideas into your bedroom concept as well. 

1) Do away with all freestanding furniture. You will be surprised by the spatial benefits that come your way. Have your bed, sofa, dressing table, study corner and the rest of the pieces custom built and in line with the contours of the room--to get the most out of your small space. 

2) Have space on the top that’s still untouched? You are lucky! Make better use of the same by creating functional loft spaces. They offer that much needed additional space for the belongings that can be stored out of sight—suitcases, wedding gifts, heavy clothes and so forth. 

3) Though you may have fond dreams of a Californian King sized bed, you actually don’t need the same. Reduce the size of your bed to free up more space than you can ever imagine. 

4) Rolling storage spaces created under the bed are better than clothes dressers and armoires in your case. They make your room appear bigger and provide ample space to stack away your clothes, shoes, accessories and other belongings. 

5) Invest in multifunctional furniture. For instance , a futon offers a sofa and bed in a single piece and is a good option for your limited space bedroom. You may also opt for a sofa bed that is a little more formal to look at and comes with a plush mattress.

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Remember your bedroom design is a peep into your style and persona. It’s your very own space –make the most out of it with these space maximization tips. 

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