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Kids Room Design- Mix Fun with Usability!

09/05/2016 | created by : RENOF
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Kids Room Design- Mix Fun with Usability!

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Lorreto Design

Designing and decorating a home can be exhausting but definitely a lot of fun! Every room and corner in the house deserves special attention according to the intended use and function. The fact is that it does not matter how big or small the house is, the use, beauty and function can be maximized only by the way we keep the house. A very important aspect that determines this is the furniture we use. Furniture is an essential component and it is important to buy the right kind of furniture that serves the desired function, adds to the aesthetic design of the house and does not compromise on quality. 


Photo Source::  Deseo Creativo Interior Design Sdn Bhd

Kids room design ideas offer a plethora of creativity and fun elements that can be put together for the best results. The first thing that comes to mind when talking or thinking of kids room design is a burst of colors and enough space for the kids to indulge in different kinds of activities. The furniture you put in a kid’s room needs to serve a number of functions. Let’s take a look at the essentials and how to choose these essentials in designing a kids room:

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Obviously your kids need a bed. Depending on the storage space you have you can choose a bed with storage or without. If you have more than one kid and the space aren’t enough you can opt for bunk beds too. They use lesser space and also add to the fun. Remember, your room might be small right now but buying a bed every year as the child grows is not the best option. Look for a medium size bed from the very start.

Photo Source:: Yong Design

Study table and chair

A kids room design is incomplete without a proper study table and chair. This needs to be appropriate for the child’s height and have enough space for the many books, stationery items and other essential things.

Photo Source:: Trinity Three Design

Chest of Drawers

Your kids need to inculcate the habit of organizing and keeping things in place from the very start. A chest of drawers could be the perfect start!

Photo Source:: Dexign Studio

These are the very basic and essentials that kids room design planning needs. According to the space available you can add other pieces if necessary or leave free space for the child to move around. At Renof we offer the best of quality kids room furniture design ideas, Malaysia. Let’s give your child the perfect space to grow up in!

Photo Source:: Apple Interior Design 

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