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Key Measurements for Planning the Perfect Dining Room

30/12/2014 | created by : RENOF
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Formal dining spaces are common in most homes. However, the chairs, the dining tables and other furniture need to be put into consideration so as not to impede movement when the room is in use. Apart from the heights of tables and seats which tend to be standard, everything else varies greatly. When shopping for furniture or planning a home renovation, it is important to always consider your home décor, lifestyle and how much you use the room. Here are a few interior design plans that you may consider:


Traditional dining rooms usually require a larger space compared to the average room size. This style can be achieved by generously positioning a long rectangular table; sideboard storage meant for serves ware and table linens, while also acting as a serving platform; and freestanding china cabinets. A firewall will also give the room the much needed warmth in both heat and appearance.


A smaller furnishing will suit contemporary designs. With a sideboard and a fixed rectangular table with bent wood chairs, the room will generate a respectful allusion. A modern glass chandelier should also be used.

Urban Open Plan

These open plans are widely trending in urban and suburban homes, integrating dining space with the kitchen and living areas. However, this plan leaves minimal space for the placement of china cabinets and sideboards. This can be solved by using tall cabinets which will offer tableware storage while lending a decorative appeal.

Suburban open plan

When it comes to this, the dining table is placed between the kitchen and the living area. Since it is so close to the kitchen, tableware can be stored in the kitchen cabinets or shelves. A suitable rag can be used to define the dining space. 

Urban Combination layout

The living room is housed on a large rectangular shape with kitchen placed at one end and the windows at the other. When placing a bar next to the dining space, the bar stools should align with the dining chairs. In addition, the chairs should be placed opposite to each other

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