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Interesting facts about laminated flooring

08/12/2016 | created by : Renof
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Are you one of those home/ building owners who wish to install laminate flooring but are put off by those traumatic experience you heard from parquet? Fret not! Our experts at FloorCulture X are here to share some interesting facts about this durable and affordable flooring options for your home or office!


1.Laminate Flooring is not the same as parquet.

Laminate Flooring comes in any imaginable wood design there is in the market based on artwork of deco paper. On the other hand, parquet is made of real pieces of hardwood that are fixed together to form a tile pattern. The BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of laminate flooring is DURABILITY. The core foundation of laminate flooring is formed by High Density Fibreboard (HDF), making it one of the toughest wood in its category. Laminate flooring is also reinforced with AluminumOxide coating, making it immune to the daily abuse of scratch, wear and tear from furniture.

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Image Courtesy of Floor Culture X

2. Laminate Flooring can be installed and dismantle just like LEGO.

If you ever decide to move out from your existing home to new place, laminate flooring can easily be dismantled and reinstall at your new homes. Laminate flooring is installed via a ‘glueless’ system, where the joint is connected by an interlocking system. Glueless also meant there’s no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emitted by adhesives, a substance known to cause respiration problem and cancer if exposed for a long period of time.

Image Courtesy of Floor Culture X

3. You can install laminate flooring on top of existing floor. 

Laminate flooring can be installed using what the industry called ‘floating method’. It can be laid directly on top of tiles with no hacking needed to be done on the floor. Installation is maintenance free and existing floor can be preserved at the same time. You can transform your home with laminate flooring in real quick time! 

Image Courtesy of Floor Culture X

4.Mimics real solid wood at a fraction of cost!

The average cost of laminate flooring is less than a quarter of solid wood, making it one of the most affordable flooring options in the market. Unlike solid wood, there’s no hassle in maintaining solid wood such as sanding every other year. Home Owners get to choose from the many wood laminate flooring design and transform your home to the interior design style as you wish.

Image Courtesy of Floor Culture X

5.No More Cold Feet!

Imagine getting cold feet when you step out of bed in your air conditioned room early morning. Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for these situation. It provides the perfect insulation and cushioning effect for your feet compared to stone cold tiles. Laminate flooring is commonly installed in spaces such as living hall and bedroom where there’s many family activity gather around. 

laminate floor malaysia


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