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Every homeowner wants to have a stylish kitchen that has an island. In addition, who can blame them considering the advantages that come with kitchen islands? For one, they make it so easy and fun to cook and entertain guests especially if the island faces the lounging area. In addition, is a nice place for kids to sit and do homework as parents cook? Kitchen islands can also add some elegance to your kitchen if well designed. Below are some ideas for designing a kitchen island for your home:


The recommended size for an island is 4feet long and 2feet deep. There are no limitations to the size of islands that can be installed as long as it is not too big. To achieve this, ensure that the distance between the island’s perimeter and cabinetry around it is at least 36inches or more depending on how many cooks use the kitchen.

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More often than not, a kitchen island serves as a focal point in the kitchen. For this to be achieved, contrasting colors should be used. The color of the cabinetry beneath the island may be similar to the rest of the kitchen but the island needs to contrast this in every possible way. Using a contrasting color, shape, size and material will work just fine for your kitchen.

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Differentiated counter heights.

This kind of countertop will especially be suitable for homes where there are no small kids running around. An island with this kind of design has a cook top on the lower end and a 'real’ island on the upper end. This allows a cook to serve and interact as they cook.

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Take advantage of the diversity of design and use the underneath cabinetry to store kitchen appliances such as dishwasher and oven. If you opt for a small island, you could store cookware, linens, and serving dishes. In addition the cabinetry underneath can be designed in such a way that one can store decorative items that will be visible from different parts of the room. This makes your kitchen pop even more.

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Open space underneath island

Opting for open space beneath the island may seem like a waste of space but it is a perfect space saving solution for kitchens that are often. This is mainly because they make for good stool storage when the kitchen is crowded or not in use.

Pulling off the perfect kitchen island design is an easy task to accomplish if you have the right guideline. The main things to consider are space, overall kitchen design, number of people that frequent the kitchen, cost, and efficiency. Remember to ask for advice from an accomplished interior designer before all the way.

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