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8 Cleaning Supplies Why You Must Store in Your Home

07/11/2016 | created by : RENOF
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8 Cleaning Supplies Why You Must Store in Your Home

Before you start your home cleaning routine, making sure you have the following to ease the job and save time.

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1. Gloves

Hand gloves are useful if you regularly perform chemical cleaning or scrubbing toilets. These could save your hand from harsh chemicals.

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2. White Vinegar

Another must have cleaning product for your home. Mix it with baking soda and it will fight against anything. One of the best example is removing water mark on tiles. Sprinkle the tiles with baking soda first and slowly pour vinegar little at a time allowing it to form paste. After the paste form, scrub it with sponge and rinse with water, leaving tiles free of marks. May require repeat process for old stains.

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3. Stainless Steel Polish

Stainless steel polish and cleaner is frequently used to get rid of water marks and finger prints on home appliances giving it an always refreshing look.

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4. Multi Purpose Cleaner

A multipurpose cleaner is a good generic cleaning supplies your home must not miss. Be sure to choose the one that fights off germs as well. Great way to use on any surfaces.

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5. Broom

Use of quality broom with densely packed bristle will give an advantage over a normal broom. This will avoid dirt residue left on your floor overtime.

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6. Dish Soap

Apart from using your dish soap to clean off frying pans and dishes, alternatively you can add a few drops to hot water as a cleaning solution to tiles and windows.

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7. Baking Soda

A must have and one of the most versatile cleaning supplies and helpful when it comes to removing stains whether from tiles, any surfaces or fabric. Also it is sustainable and family friendly.

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8. Micro Fiber Rag

Micro fiber rag and broom work hand in hand, there are some dirt unable to be cleaned by broom, use of micro fiber rag will capture these dirt, especially on laminate wood floor.

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