Modern contemporary Viridian semi-detached by Moonlit Inspiration

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Modern Contemporary Viridian Semi-detached By Moonlit Inspiration

The Viridian in Cheras Idaman is a low density housing area featuring 3 storey semi-detached homes as well as townhouses. Located within a gated and guarded enclave, houses located within this area already stand apart from the norm but for the owners of this particular home, more could be achieved. To help them envision and create the desired ambiance and design within the areas of this spacious 5,133 sq/ft home, the team from Moonlit Inspiration was brought in and tasked to transform the spaces within. Taking a more modern contemporary interior design approach, the spaces within this home is transformed by using carefully designed and selected elements and finishes. The areas of the living, dining and dry kitchen are laid out in a massive open plan space. Calm, earthy tones dominate the design of these spaces. From the paint colours selected, the furniture and even the curtains follow closely to this overall theme. With a key focus point being the designer glass pendant lighting hanging over the dining area, this goes hand-in-hand with the contrasting designs of the dry kitchen & bar area with its timber laminate finish with incorporated black elements. Matching elements with different design approaches seem to work in this case. This matching of styles is even extended to the spaces in the floors above with the smaller bedrooms following the same themes. But the most impressive space in terms of its design and lay-out definitely goes hands down to the walk-in wardrobe and the master bedroom in the topmost floor. Arriving at the landing on the top floor, a contemporary walk-in wardrobe immediately catches the eye. Combining timber laminate finishes for the wardrobe and dressing table, these built-in furniture are complemented by a stylish modern railing design behind the dressing table as well as dark mirror like sliding glass doors for the wardrobe. Just past the walk-in wardrobe lies the master bedroom. Resplendent in a modern contemporary style, the interior design was used to complement the position of the bed which faces a full height glass wall looking out across the surrounding landscape around the home. Intricate lighted design panels flank the bed while laser-cut panels in the design of roses adorn the wall of the entrance into the bedroom.



Living Hall

Dining Room

Storage & Closets


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