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Termite Problem

6 years ago
anybody can advise on termite treatment ? I got a old terrace house, going to renovate soon, I think i will definitely need to do the termite treatment, any idea to do it before/during/after renovation ? what type of treatment to do ? just want to seek some advise before i call up these termite treatment company.

6 years ago
For the usual termite treatment , best to do it before reno..esp if you are changing the floor tiles. Chemicals are sprayed (if flooring is intact, then they will do drilling and pump in chemicals at intervals) on the ground. There's a new techniqued where no drilling is required. The concept is to 'build' some sort of trap outside the building usually in the garden area, so that the termites will leave the house alone. But this method cost a lot more. Suggest you call up a few pest control Co. and ask them to quote and assess. grill them as to why you should go with them rather than another co.